something you attract

  you can have more than you've got, because you can become more than you are. And of course, the other side of the coin reads, unless you change how you are, you'll always have what you got. Success is something you attract, not something you pursue. Success is looking for a good place to stay. So instead of going after it, you work on yourself personal development. See, the major question to ask on the job is not what are you getting the major question to ask on the job is what are you becoming? The big question is not what am I getting paid here? The big question is, what am I becoming here? Because true happiness is not contained in what you get. Happiness is contained in what you become. Learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job for things to change for you, you've got to change. Otherwise, it isn't gonna change. The only way it gets better for you is when you get better life. And business is like the changing seasons. One of the best ways to describe life. IT's like the seasons. You can't change the seasons, but you can change yourself. Um, and see that's how life gets better for you, not by chance, but by change. Learn how to handle the winters. They come right after falls with regularity summer long. And some are short and some are hard and some are easy, but they keep coming. Um, you must learn to handle the nights they come right after days, you must learn to handle difficulty. It comes right after opportunity. You must learn to handle recessions. They always follow progressions for the last six thousand. See, it isn't going to change.
  The lesson you must learn is how to handle it. And there's all kinds of winters, right? The winter when you can't figure it out the winter when it all go smash the winter when it turns belly up the winter when it won't work, when you run out of money and you've got a broken heart. See, those are winter times. There's all kinds, economic winters, social winters, personal winters.When your heart is smashed in a thousand pieces and the nights are unusually long, your prayers seem to go no higher than your head. IT's winter time. But see, the disappointments come, those are normal, that's part of life. But the question is, how do you handle it? How do you handle the coming winters and the disappointments and the down times? Well, you can't get rid of january by tearing it off the calendar. But here's what you can do. You can get stronger. You can get wiser, and you can get better. The winters won't change, but you can. And that's how life changes for you. Don't wish it was easier. Wish you were better. Don't wish for less problems. Wish for more skills. Don't wish for less challenge. Wish for more wisdom. That's the key. Learn how to take advantage of the spring. Spring is called opportunity, and spring follows winter. What a great place for if you're gonna put it somewhere that be the place to put it right after winter and pray tell how often does spring follow winter only every year with regularity, six thousand, you can almost count on it. Go. The opportunity always comes, days followed nights. Isn't that terrific? Opportunity follows difficulty, but here's what you must learn to do. Take advantage.
  You must learn to take advantage of the spring. See, just because spring rolls around is no sign. You're going to look good. Come fall, you gotta do something with it. In fact, you have to get good at one of two things in life, planting in the spring, or begging in the fall, or get somebody to do it for you. See, those are about the only alternatives. Now here's what else you must do. Take advantage of the springs quickly, because there's only a few. Just a handful of springs have been handed. Each of us, they don't come forever. Life is fairly brief. So you've got to read every book you can get your hands on and what to do with your springs while they're here and take advantage. They soon run out. So whatever you gonna do with your life, you've got to get at it. Don't just let the springs pass pass pass. Learn how to protect your crops all summer. You gotta take care of what you start. Sure enough, as soon as you've planted your garden in the spring, the busy bugs and the noxious weeds are out to take it. And here's the next bit of truth. They will take it unless you prevent it. And that's the third major skill to learn. You've got to learn to prevent the intruder from taking all the good you start. IT's one of the challenges. All good will be attacked on this planet. Maybe not the next one. We get too. But on this one, all good will be attacked. Every garden will be invaded. Not to think so is naive. All values must be defended. political values, social values, community values, family values, marriage values, friendship values, business values. Every garden must be tended all summer, learn how to reap in the fall without complaint. Learn the reep come harvest time without complaint. Take full responsibility for what happens to you. IT's one of the highest forms of human maturITy. Accepting full responsibilITy. IT's the day, you know, you've passed from childhood to adulthood, the day you accept full responsibilITy, learn to reap in the fall wIThout apology, without apology. If you do well and without complaint, if you don't, that's maturity. IT's not what happens. IT's what you do. What happens is about the same. You might put that in parenthesis here. Same what people do. That's what's different. Anything can happen, right? Everything can happen. I've heard all the stories. I've been one of the stories. Hey, we could all tell stories all night long, right?
  Happenings, anything can happen everything can happen. Anything can happen, but IT's not the happenings. IT's what you do about IT. Somebody says, yeah, but you don't understand the disappointments i've had. Come on.Everybody's had their share disappointments are not special gifts reserved for the poor. Everybody has them. The difference is what you do about uh, starting tomorrow. What are you going to do? IT'll make a change in your life's direction. Good question. What are you going to do starting tomorrow? That'll make a difference. Now see if you don't do something starting tomorrow, IT'll make a difference. Guess what? IT's gonna be the same and see that way. You can guess what the next five years are gonna be like, look at the last five, because the next five are going to be like the last five. Unless you major key to morrow change at all, or change a lITtle or change something or don't change, IT's choice time. You can do whatever you want. But it's nice to know any day you wish you can change your whole life. What can you do starting tomorrow? IT'll make a difference. Reach down inside of you and come up with some more of those remarkable human gifts there there waiting to be utilized and then change anything for you. You want to change.And I challenge you to do that because you can change. If you don't like how it is for you change it. If it doesn't suit, you change it. If it doesn't, please you change it. If it isn't enough, change it. And I challenge you to do that because you can change. See, you don't ever have to be the same again after tonight, only by choice.